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M.I.S. l.t.d. it is founded in 1999. This society’ work especially to production and marketing of a wide products in the sector of the furniture.

The produced of this society’ they are in Italian style and above the whole technology that and’ used for their production and’ completely Italian.
A part of our products that we pronounce they are Italian.
We furnish: case, hotels, local, office, restaurant etc.
Besides sale to the minute our society’ sale furniture to I thicken in the cities’ more important than region.
M.I.S. he/she offers furniture of the modern style with price competition.
Our society’ it collaborates with different societies’ greater Italians in the field of production and furnishing.
Thanks to professionalism of our  specialist reparations of all types of the furniture can be made, trending a high quality and long guarantee to our clients.

Main office is found only 3 km away from center city Fier.
The factory him along in a superficie 33.500 m2 is composed by 8 (eight) capanoni with surfaces 1262 m2s ognuno.Quis are also found offices of administrazioni of the general company.Administratore of the company it directs him from sig.Hysni Berisha
The society has a staf that is composed by 25 people and they is all insureds.
Part of this company is the society Pole-MOB sh.p.k. to what it occupies him in particular way for production and it deals etc her some beds, kitchens,e rooms tables.

They are still two general offices of the compania for the publiccizitta.Una it is found next to QTU Fier with superfice 3000 m2s building 2 floors
As if there are so many klienti applications the compania you/he/she has built one other showroom-and for publicita also aTirana with address to circle of forehead ex – restaurant of Durres. These showroom-and they use for the reclamazione of the sales of our prodotis.
The gama of the products varies from: slackers, couches, chairs, bedrooms, tables, minibar, kitchens, hand TV, hands etc tel.

Our society’ it has as principal objective:

To be lider in the production and it deals some furniture.
Realization to the needs of the client and perfection of quality’ among our products.
The growth of collaboration with partneri inside and out of town’

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